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In Commercial Litigation you need sage, experienced and aggressive counsel. It’s your business, and your livelihood. You need counsel that will fight to protect your business just as hard as you have fought to grow it. Podlaski LLP has decades of legal experience in and out of the courtroom involving commercial disputes in these areas: 

  •  Agriculture or Farm 

  • Antitrust 

  • Breach of Contract 

  • Breach of Duty 

  • Business Torts (Business Disparagement)

  • Class Action Lawsuits

  • Construction (New construction, Remodel, Repair)

  • Debtor or Creditor 

  • Derivative Actions

  • Fraud Actions

  • Insurance Coverage 

  • Intellectual Property (IP) and Patent Infringement 

  • LLC Membership 

  • Product Liability 

  • Shareholder Issues

  • Tax Disputes

  • Tortious Interference

  • Trade Secret Lawsuits

  • Unfair Competition Actions


Simply put, a commercial dispute and resultant litigation, occur when a party – business owner – person or entity- (Plaintiff) sues another party or parties (Defendant(s)) to enforce a legal right and seeks compensation through money damages or specific performance. 


As occurs in other types of civil litigation, when a dispute arises, in commercial matters, a Plaintiff retains an attorney, files a complaint at law, the Defendant answers the Complaint, then both sides conduct factual investigations called discovery.  In most cases, the court orders the parties conduct formal settlement negotiations or mediation- where most cases settle.





Commercial Disputes.

Home Improvement. Employment. Insurance.

Contract Law



Commercial Disputes.


Contract Law. 





Business.  Trademarks. Home Improvement. Personal.

Contract Law


How to Respond to a Commercial Dispute:

A commercial litigation attorney is specifically educated, trained, and experienced in litigation aimed at businesses and business-related litigation. 

The issues involved in business or commercial litigation tend to be more complex or more specialized than with traditional civil litigation. Many commercial litigation cases are filed in commercial court – a somewhat recent development in the state court system of Indiana, in a plenary state county court, or federal court.  Some cases must be filed in federal court rather than in state court, such as class action lawsuits or multi-district lawsuits depending on the number of involved parties or the types of parties involved.

It is common for commercial litigation matters to be expensive. This is because certain steps of the litigation process, namely discovery and the use of forensic experts, tend to be more extensive in a commercial dispute than in non-commercial litigation matters.

The legal landscape is constantly shifting because of changes in political administrations, rules and regulations, the economy, and court appointments. The commercial litigation environment is constantly evolving and must adapt and change. As the market changes and technology changes, the commercial litigation field must also adapt.

There is no simple commercial dispute, but they are unfortunately a part of reality. When faced with a commercial dispute, especially in its earliest stages, the best course of action is contact PODLASKI LLP.  We have significant experience in a commercial litigation attorney who can help settle the issue before it becomes more complex or costly. A large amount of civil and commercial litigation settles out of court before trial and the key to a cost- and time-effective settlement is having the right commercial litigation attorney in your corner.


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