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Mold Exposure

Mold exposure happens more often than a tenant thinks. Whether you just purchased or are renting a home, according to to the Mayo Clinic the sudden onset of the following symptoms could indicate your dwelling has mold:

Sneezing, Runny or stuffy nose, Cough and postnasal drip, Itchy eyes, nose and throatWatery eyes, Dry, scaly skin, Malaise, and/or Brain fog.

If you are experiencing the foregoing and have identified some mold in your dwelling you likely have a personal injury claim as well as a number of other claims under Indiana law. These are  the steps you must immediately take to mitigate your exposure to mold and start the process to heal and prosecute your claim.

I. There are five (5) components or elements to a personal injury or “tort” claim for Mold:

1) DUTY of Landlord/Employer -- Defendant (“Tort Feasor”) to you,

2) BREACH OF DUTY by Defendant to you,

3) PROXIMATE CAUSE OF DAMAGES to you caused by Defendant’s Breach of Duty, and

4) Actually resulted in DAMAGES or Injuries to you, and