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Managed Legal Services with 

Contract Review

What is LexServ?

LexServ is a comprehensive legal subscription designed for new and existing businesses that have ongoing legal needs, but want a low predictable cost. LexServ is your trusted on-call attorney for all your legal requirements including, business formation, articles of organization, bylaws, operating agreements, contracts, litigation, wills/trusts, power of attorney, etc.

LexServ also extends legal services to your employees for a flat fixed cost per month. These services include power of attorney, wills and trusts, family law such as divorce, child support/custody, misdemeanors and more..

Whether you're looking to start a business or have an existing one, LexServ can offer you the legal services you need at a fixed cost. No matter the size, we will be your legal partner ensuring you're represented at all times. To find out more, and see plans and pricing, click the button below.   

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