Contract Law

Contracts are a part of life. Whether you’re purchasing a home, renting a car, entering a cell phone data plan, or having work done around your home, contracts are nearly always involved. Moreover, outside of contracting to perform an illegal activity, the use of contracts is nearly limitless.


To form a valid, binding contract, all that is required is an offer, acceptance, and consideration, usually in the form of money. Don’t fall prey to mistaken beliefs.


Just because a contract is not in writing does not make it any less enforceable. Indiana specifically recognizes verbal contracts between parties as long as essential terms are agreed upon.


As such, it’s essential to know whether a contract was formed and what you’re agreeing to. If you’ve ever looked at the terms and conditions of a contract, you’re used to seeing long paragraphs with tiny font.





Commercial. Home Improvement. Employment. Personal Injury. Insurance.

Contract Law



Commercial. Home Improvement. Contract Law. General. Criminal. Personal.



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Contract Law


While the natural tendency is to overlook the language, beware what you may be disregarding. Where lawsuits may be filed, who pays for attorneys’ fees in the event of litigation, and penalty provisions are commonplace, and consumers are often unaware of such one-sided language until it’s too late.


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